Choosing and registering your website name


What's in a name?

Next to a great site, your domain name is your most important asset when it comes to your online presence. A strong domain name is your key to unlock the potential the web can offer you and allows your visitors to make a memorable association and helps make repeat visits that much easier. Don't wait - good names are running out fast!

Things to consider when choosing and registering a domain name:


What domain extension can I register? How much?


Which domain extension - .com,, ,net, .org or all?

We've all heard the expression "location, location, location".
Well, in today's Internet business world, your domain name IS your location and it's just as important that your web business have the right web location as your physical location.
Domain name web locations are also known as "Domain Name Extensions", these are the ending part of your domain name which represent your industry and different countries.

Here's a list of popular Domain Name Extensions by country and industry and their rules: