What are keywords and why do I need them?

AlienLabs Brisbane Boutique Website Design knows keywords

Keywords in quality content = higher search engine ranking.

In search engine land, the keyword or search phrase a person uses is crucial. Keywords can be a single term, or keyword phases can be used which contain multiple words.
To appear on those first few pages of search engine results, your website must contain a density of keywords or phrases related to the search terms used. It is an imperative part of search engine optimisation for any website.

So how do you get the most out of your keywords?


Designing your website


Initial steps in planning your website design.

Whether you're planning a 3 page website or a 50 page online store, these planning steps will help you get started. Planning is a vital part of the process of having a website published, and doing your homework, writing things down and organising your thoughts is the first step. Whether it's a business site or a personal blog, it's your vision that you want to materialise into a website. Working through this process helps you and your designer understand your vision and provides a tangible point of reference to help make it happen.

10 steps to getting your website design off to a flying start:


Assembling your site content


Website design content checklist

Once you've worked through designing your website, you can use this checklist to help you assemble your content and further focus your design ideas. Consider the concept of how having a useful website can really transform the way your business interacts with your clients, compared to not having a website or having one that doesn't really answer your clients needs. Will your clients see the content of your site as a benefit and make them want to choose you over a competitor?

Consider these points and get some great content well under way: